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The opinion of the Supreme Bar Council on the interpretative case of the SCC Criminal division, regarding the behavior of pedestrians in accidents on pedestrian crossings and their fault, causes contradictory reactions in the Bar Association itself.

According to Atty. Borislav Valchev, a pedestrian has the right to indicate when crossing, but he’s not obliged to. As for the interpretative decision on the absolute right of a pedestrian, there is only one absolute right in the rule of law and that’s the right to life, said Atty. Valchev. The problem here is another – what scandalizes society and what pedestrians talk is how attorneys can give such an opinion, which imputes fault in them exactly on a pedestrian crossing. We cannot require pedestrians to be responsible for a driver’s behavior and to gauge his speed, categorically said Borislav Valchev.

How a pedestrian could comply with speeding?
“The Day Begins” | “ How a pedestrian could comply with drivers’ speeding” – 12.10.2016

Source: Bulgarian National Television