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Bulgarian commercial law, harmonized in accordance with the European legal systems and European Union directives, provides conditions for investing in various areas of the economic life and in various forms depending on the aspirations of investors. “Valchev and Borisov” Law Firm assists its clients with the establishment, management and development of companies; tax planning related to their economic activity; preparation and conclusion of all kinds of contracts or other transactions; protection of rights through litigation, as well with restructuring, termination, liquidation and deletion of companies from the Commercial Register. In recent years there has been a sharp increase in the total number of insolvency cases – in this area we strive to develop constantly, also keeping in mind the novelties and changes in legal acts and case law, so that we could be able to keep offering original and effective solutions to our clients.

In relation to the investment in property in Bulgaria “Valchev and Borisov” Law Firm provides legal services to a variety of Bulgarian and international clients, working closely with notaries and acknowledged construction companies all over the country. The services we provide include negotiations with third parties, thorough investigation and preparation of detailed legal opinions on the legal status of the property – including on the ownership of each property, the possible existence of real and personal encumbrances and rights of third parties, etc., representation in conclusion of preliminary contracts and the final conclusion of real estate transactions. “Valchev and Borisov” Law Firm has extensive experience in the representation of clients in civil proceedings regarding real estate.

The law firm team possesses extensive experience acquired throughout hundreds of lawsuits aimed at protecting the interests of clients before the judicial and arbitral institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria in different types of commercial, civil and administrative cases, as well as before various state and municipal administrations. We offer meticulous, innovative and active lawsuit conduction and lead each case with extreme responsibility on all court instances while keeping our clients informed about the case development and also advising them if there are possible out-of-court alternatives.

A great part of our practice is dedicated to the so called enforcement order proceedings which in recent years becomes more and more preferred as a faster and more effective option for making monetary claims. “Valchev and Borisov” Law Firm submits on behalf of its clients the necessary documents in court for issuance of enforcement orders and writs of execution against debtors, makes inquiries about the cases and receives the issued documents on the basis of a provided power of attorney. In the event that our client holds a document belonging to the so called extrajudicial execution grounds, we perform the necessary actions to obtain an immediate enforcement order and writ of execution. If the debtor objects to the enforcement order, we offer our clients assistance with the subsequent claim determination lawsuit. We also have experience as representatives on the side of debtors in the described proceedings in which case we also take the necessary procedural and substantive legal actions to ensure as adequately as possible the interests of the client.

In times of an economic crisis, extremely high inter-company indebtedness as well as apparent and progressive population impoverishment, “Valchev and Borisov” Law Firm provides legal representation in the area of civil litigation, working in close cooperation with private enforcement agents throughout the whole country. The law firm has the purpose to shorten the distance from obtaining a writ of execution to the actual collection of the debt as per it by our creditor client. Apart from being on the side of the creditor, we also possess the necessary knowledge and experience to protect the interests of clients who are debtors in enforcement proceedings. Our advantages are speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Valchev and Borisov” Law Firm prepares legal opinions on tax issues of individuals and legal entities by providing advice on the most appropriate legal forms of their activities in terms of taxation. Our team also provides litigation services on various tax lawsuits and has achieved significant success in protecting the interests of clients before the tax administration in the country as well as in appealing against its unlawful acts in administrative and judicial proceedings.

The team at “Valchev and Borisov” has years of experience in the field of Competition law. The law firm prepares legal analyses, provides consultations and representation to its clients before the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) and the courts, regarding the establishment and the discontinuing of violations indicated in the Protection of Competition Act, including unfair trade practices, abuse of monopoly and dominant position, cartel cases, companies concentration control, disloyal competition, etc.


Any developed market economy has a well developed capital market. In the course of its economic development Bulgaria inevitably passes through the development of stock markets, which are among the most powerful motors of the economy. In the context of all that “Valchev and Borisov” Law Firm has the capacity to provide services and advice in this specific area of  law related to the registration and operation of public companies, investments intermediaries, investment management companies, investment funds, companies with special investment purpose, etc.

The law firm provides consultations and opinions on the legal aspects of various exchange transactions, strategies and operations, where our goal is to protect the investments and interests of the clients who have chosen to work with us in the best possible way.

Valchev and Borisov” Law Firm practices in other fields of Law, including Insurance Law, Public Procurements, Administrative Law and Litigation, Administrative-Penalty Law, Law of the European Union, Ecology Law, etc.