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In a constitutional state and in a society based on the supremacy of Law, attorneys have a special role. Their responsibilities stem from the traditions of the ancient profession and are not limited to the fulfillment of the given mandate. When performing their profession in all of their actions attorneys are guided by the interests of their clients but also observe the law and the rules of professional conduct.

In order to earn and preserve the respect required to carry out these functions, attorneys must constantly perform their diverse legal and ethical obligations to:

  1. The client;
  2. The legal profession in general and to each colleague in particular;
  3. Judiciary and other authorities before whom attorneys defends their clients’ cause or represent them;
  4. Society to which the existence of a free and independent legal profession, governed by its own rules, is essential to guarantee the protection of Law and human rights, which are often opposed to the power of state authority and/or the interests of different parts of society.

The relationship between attorneys and their clients is built on a foundation of trust, which also provides the basis of relations between attorneys amongst themselves and between them and the authorities. Such relations cannot exist if there is doubt in the honesty, personal dignity and integrity of the attorney. Professional secrecy is the attorney’s fundamental and paramount duty. At the same time attorneys are obligated to avoid conflict of interests with other clients.
The team of “Valchev and Borisov” has adopted these ethical rules as a priority and strives to apply them in its everyday activity.